Coherence Therapy: Modifying schemas through the therapeutic memory reconsolidation process.

Kursholder: Sophie Côté og Pierre Cousineau

Arrangør: Norsk Forum for skjematerapi i samarbeid med Norsk Forening for Kognitiv terapi.

Sted: Gjestehuset Lovisenberg, Lovisenberggaten 15a, Oslo

Dato: 27.-28. September 2018

Kursavgift: 5 000,- (inkluderer lunsj begge dager)

Påmeldingsfrist: 15.09.18


1. Participants are able to understand how symptoms result from a coherent process – a view of self/others/ world (schemas) with its attributed meanings and solutions to specific situations.
2. Participants can have a conceptual framework and methodology for producing lasting change beyond symptom relief.
3. Exercises: techniques used for discovery, integration, and transformation of emotional truths.

Om kurset

Psychotherapy is consistently dealing with emotional memories; one of its most fundamental question being the feasibility to modify them. For long, emotional memories have been reputed to be indelible (Ledoux, 1996). Therapists had then to choose. Should we accept that this intense emotional response be exposed to an extinction process without the formal assurance that it will not reappear in a priming context (novelty, tiredness, stress)? Or, should we take this emotional response as a fact that we should learn to live with (acceptation, defusion… while steering a steady course towards our values).

And if it was possible to radically modify an intense emotional response which has always been associated with a specific context (for example, feeling jealousy when our partner is in a context where he/she could betray us)?

A recent discovery from neurosciences, the memory reconsolidation process, offers promising responses to these issues while propelling psychological interventions to a new level of precision and efficiency. When triggered, emotional memory offers a time span during which synaptic connections could potentially be reopened. In reality, this apparent unshakeable solidity (emotional truth) is resting on the fact, that most of the time, the schema is reactivated in a context much similar to the one in which it was learned. For example, a mistrust could induce the expected attitude from the other, or a situation that seems incongruent to a schema is interpreted as being congruent (the therapist seems to care for me, but is only doing its job).

We now know that it is possible to utilize emotional memory reactivation as an opportunity to modify it: once in focal attention, this implicit memory will be sensitized to a prediction error, an experience incongruent to what was expected. Moreover, in sharp contrast with an extinction procedure requiring many exposures with remaining risks or relapses, memory reconsolidation is fast and definitive.

Godkjent av

Norsk Psykologforening har godkjent utdanningen i skjematerapi som obligatorisk program til spesialiteten i psykoterapi. Norsk Psykologforeningen har godkjent dette kurset som 16 timer vedlikeholdsaktivtet.  Kurset vil bli søkt godkjent som valgfritt spesialist- og etterutdanningskurs av Spesialitetskomiteen i psykiatri og av Spesialitetskomiteen i allmennmedisin av den Norske Legeforeningen.

Kort om skjematerapi

  • Transdiagnostisk psykoterapimodell
  • Evidensbasert og integrativ behandlingsmetode
  • Nyere forskning viser at skjematerapi er meget godt egnet for behandling av relasjonsproblemer, personlighetsforstyrrelser og kompliserte psykiatriske tilstander.

Om foreleseren

Sophie Côté is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Québec city, Canada. Her clinic, Psychologie Momentum, offers clinical services and training in neuro-feedback and Coherence Therapy. She was the first person in Canada to defend a doctoral thesis on cyber-therapy. She is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of Coherence Therapy and has received the title of Associate Instructor of the Coherence Psychology Institute. Her main fields of interests are: anxiety, self- esteem, adaptation to medical problems, concerns around fertility problems. She devotes special consideration to issues of supervision in Coherence Therapy.

Om foreleseren

Pierre Cousineau is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Montréal, Canada. He is an advanced Schema therapist and gives workshops in Canada, France, Norway, and Morocco. He sees in Therapeutic Reconsolidation Process (TRP) of emotional memory a major advance in schema transformation, a quest he has always longed for — a real schema update. He is also Associate Instructor of the Coherence Psychology Institute.


Utdanningsprogrammet er godkjent av International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) som tellende for internasjonal sertifisering i skjematerapi. Dette kurset er obligatorisk for å bli sertifisert.

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