Skjematerapi ved emosjonelt ustabil personlighetsforstyrrelse

Kursholder: Remco van der Wijngaart

Arrangør: Norsk Forum for Skjematerapi i samarbeid med Norsk Forening for Kognitiv Terapi

Sted: Store auditorium, Gaustad sykehus i Oslo

Dato: 20. – 21. mars 2025

Kursavgift: 5 000,- (inkluderer lunsj begge dager)

Påmeldingsfrist: 15.01.25


  • Learn how to formulate a therapy plan
  • Detached Protector-Empathic Confrontation
  • Punitive Parent-Imagery Rescripting
  • Dealing with self-harm
  • Introduction and differentiating angry modes
  • Introduction into the Healthy Adult and how to identify that mode

Mer om kurset

The Borderline personality Disorder has been long considered to be one of the most challenging pathologies. Schema therapy has proven to be an effective therapy for this personality disorder (Giesen-Bloo et al. (2006), Nadort et al. (2009), Arntz et al (2019)). Over the years, more and more experience and knowledge has been gathered on how to apply the concepts, the therapy relationship of Limited reparenting and the methods and techniques of schema therapy in treating the borderline patients. However, being an effective therapy certainly does not mean that schema therapy for the borderline patient is a simple undertaking. The therapist is confronted with patients who are either so strongly detached that it becomes almost impossible to connect with them. Or, the patient is full of self-disgust to the point they want to kill themselves. Crises and emotional (anger) outbursts can make the interactions with the patient stressful and challenging. This 2-day workshop aims at making the participant (more) proficient in managing these challenges and treating the Borderline Patients effectively. The objective is that these days should be an enjoyable, educational experience involving a lot of practice within a secure atmosphere, in order to enable the therapists to apply Schema therapy for the Borderline patients more effectively.

Godkjent av

Norsk Psykologforening har godkjent utdanningen i skjematerapi som obligatorisk program til spesialiteten i psykoterapi. Norsk Psykologforeningen godkjent dette kurset som 16 timer vedlikeholdsaktivtet.  Kurset vil bli søkt godkjent som valgfritt spesialist- og etterutdanningskurs av Spesialitetskomiteen i psykiatri og av Spesialitetskomiteen i allmennmedisin av den Norske Legeforeningen.

Kort om skjematerapi

  • Transdiagnostisk psykoterapimodell
  • Evidensbasert og integrativ behandlingsmetode
  • Nyere forskning viser at skjematerapi er meget godt egnet for behandling av relasjonsproblemer, personlighetsforstyrrelser og kompliserte psykiatriske tilstander.

Om kursholder

Remco van der Wijngaart works as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Maastricht, the Netherlands.  Initially trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, he was trained and supervised in Schema Therapy personally by Dr Jeffrey Young from 1996 till 2000. Remco specializes in borderline patients, patients with cluster C personality disorders as well as Anxiety and depressive disorders.

Since 2000 he frequently has been given training courses in Schema Therapy worldwide. He produced and directed the audiovisual production “Schema therapy, step by step” which is considered to be one of the essential instruments in learning schema therapy. He is the producer of the audiovisual production “Fine Tuning Imagery Rescripting” and the author of “Imagery Rescripting, theory and practice” (2021, Pavilion Publishing. West Sussex, UK).


Utdanningsprogrammet er godkjent av International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) som tellende for internasjonal sertifisering i skjematerapi. Dette kurset er obligatorisk for å bli sertifisert.

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