Working with Parents and Families - Surviving Adolescence

Kursholder: Ida Shaw

Arrangør: Norsk Forum for skjematerapi i samarbeid med Norsk Forening for Kognitiv terapi.

Sted: Gjestehuset Lovisenberg, Lovisenberggaten 15a, Oslo

Dato: 17.-18. juni 2019

Kursavgift: 5 000,- (inkluderer lunsj begge dager)

Påmeldingsfrist: 15.05.18

Workshop details

This workshop will present a model for approaching and treating mode clashes with adolescents (ages 12-25) and their parents. Schema therapy(ST) with children and adolescents uses a developmental and systemic approach. When looking at problem behaviors and needs of adolescent clients, it is important to keep in mind the developmental stage your client is in- physical, cognitive, emotional and in social development. The relationships an adolescent has at home with parents and in other important environments must be addressed as part of ST. The mode model can be used to explain the problem behaviors of this critical developmental period to both adolescents and their parents. The concept of mode clashes is a productive way to describe and address these problems. It can remove blame, and facilitates getting through impasses in these important relationships. The mode clash approach includes looking at underlying needs and how they can be met. Changing the family dynamic in this way can even have preventative effects for adolescents.

Participants will learn how to identify these mode clashes, present them to adolescent clients and their parents and use Schema Therapy interventions to work through them so that the underlying needs are better meet. There will be particular emphasis on creative experiential work. We will explore the milestones of each developmental phase, the effect they may have on modes and schemas and the mode clashes that can occur when parent and child/adolescent needs are different. The workshop will focus on practice: demonstrations of the interventions and opportunities for participant practice with coaching and discussion. There will be a brief didactic presentation as introduction. The workshop hours can be used towards the ISST certification in Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy. The hours may alternatively be used to meet the continuing education requirement to maintain ISST certification.

Godkjent av

Norsk Psykologforening har godkjent utdanningen i skjematerapi som obligatorisk program til spesialiteten i psykoterapi. Norsk Psykologforeningen har godkjent dette kurset som 16 timer vedlikeholdsaktivtet.  Kurset vil bli søkt godkjent som valgfritt spesialist- og etterutdanningskurs av Spesialitetskomiteen i psykiatri og av Spesialitetskomiteen i allmennmedisin av den Norske Legeforeningen.

Kort om skjematerapi

  • Transdiagnostisk psykoterapimodell
  • Evidensbasert og integrativ behandlingsmetode
  • Nyere forskning viser at skjematerapi er meget godt egnet for behandling av relasjonsproblemer, personlighetsforstyrrelser og kompliserte psykiatriske tilstander.

Om foreleseren

Ida Shaw, M.A. is the Training Director of the Center for Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment and Research, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – Eskenazi Mental Health. She is a member of the Training and Certification Advisory Board of ISST and Chair of the Child- Adolescent Certification Committee. Ida is the main clinical supervisor of the international BPD trial of group schema therapy, providing training and supervision for all trial therapists. She supervises the practice component of additional research projects on Avoidant personality disorder, dissociative disorders, complex trauma and child-adolescent treatment.


Utdanningsprogrammet er godkjent av International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) som tellende for internasjonal sertifisering i skjematerapi. Dette kurset er obligatorisk for å bli sertifisert.

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