Certification program in chemotherapy

Certification program in schematic therapy organized by the Norwegian Forum for Schematic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Cognitive Therapy. The program is approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) and the Norwegian Psychological Association.

The course modules will be applied for by the Medical Association as an optional specialist and postgraduate course in general medicine and in psychiatry.

The certification program consists of a total of 6 course sessions. In addition to courses, the 20 hour standard certification guide and 40 hour advanced certification guide are required.

"Form therapy is a form of treatment that patients with long-term or chronic problems intuitively understand. I have benefited greatly from the two-year further education in form therapy, both in treatment and supplementary to assessment. The guidance I have had has been of very high quality, and has together with the seminars exceeded the expectations I had in advance. All of the participants I have spoken to have said the same thing. "

- Christoffer Ødegård Hansen, psychologist

Organizer: Norwegian Forum for Forensic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Society for Cognitive Therapy.

Time: 15.03.23 to 15.03.24 October XNUMX

Course fee: 30 000 (Additional guidance is included)

Deadline: 15 January 2023

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"Further education in form therapy has been very educational and clinically applicable. The courses have been varied and good with lots of practical exercises. The combination of individual and group guidance has helped me to use the knowledge in practice. "

- Astrid Moi Vårdal, psychologist

Form therapy is an integrative psychotherapy model that combines elements from attachment theory, psychodynamic therapy, gestalt therapy, emotion-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (Vreeswijk, Broersen & Nadort, 2012). It is a widespread therapy approach that has constantly gained new applications, and it is used today for children, adolescents and adults and is given in the form of individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy and group therapy. It is also used in prison care.

The teaching is module-based and follows the international guidelines of ISST. The course leader is an approved supervisor in the ISST and ensures coordination of the certification program. All participants will be assigned a supervisor. The guidance can be done in groups or individually depending on the wishes and opportunities. Participants can choose between standard certification that involves 20 hours of guidance or advanced certification that involves 40 hours of guidance. Everyone in the certification program is encouraged to actively use the college guidance throughout the education period.

Education in form therapy affects different areas of competence. The following topics will be reviewed in the course of education:
Theoretical model and basic concepts in schema therapy: Introduction to schema - and the mode model, emotional core needs, definition of early maladaptive schema with a review of the 18 specific schemas as defined by Jeffrey Young and inappropriate coping strategies (Maladaptive Coping
Mapping and case formulation: Scoring and interpretation of questionnaires, psychoeducation and case formulation.
Cognitive interventions: Use of the Socratic method in change work, memory cards, thought traps.
Experience-based interventions: Visualization exercises, mode dialog, chair work.
Relational interventions: Limited reparenting, empathic confrontation, identifying and
explore early maladaptive schema by schema activation in the therapy relationship, the therapist's own schemas.
Behaviorally focused interventions: Behavioral experiments, coping avoidance, the life glue.

You must have an official qualification as a doctor or psychologist. In addition, you must be in a work situation that includes a direct therapeutic relationship with the same user/client/patient over time.

The course fee is NOK 30, which covers all 000 courses in the certification programme. Guidance costs are additional. Depending on how much of the guidance is taken individually or in a group (maximum 6 participants), the price for guidance will vary between NOK 4 - 27 per participant for standard certification and between NOK 000 – 22 per participant for advanced certification. Please note that travel expenses and any expenses for reviewing admissions in advance are additional.

To be certified, you must submit an exam video. The price for scoring and written feedback per video recording is NOK 2. Finally, you must register with ISST to become certified and be part of the international schema therapy movement. The annual subscription is 400 Euro.

You can make up for lost guidance, and there are various solutions for this. Take it up with your supervisor and you will find out which solution suits you best. A common solution is for you to go over the guidance with your supervisor. If there are several people in the group who have missed a guidance day/hours, you can create a catch-up group. If it is not possible for you to make up the lost tutoring hours, you will have fewer hours added to the tutoring certificate. You must pay both for the tutoring hours you missed and for those you make up.

Absences from individual modules must be compensated for by participation in the corresponding module in subsequent cohorts. Please note that it may take some time before a corresponding course is available on one of the later programmes. The course fee will not be credited

When you sign up, you commit to participating in the entire program, i.e. the courses and the group guidance. If it becomes impossible for you to complete, you must still pay for the course and guidance in accordance with the contract.

Enrollment takes place together for the entire certification program and is binding. When you sign up, you must have an invoice address ready. The invoice for the first semester will be sent upon enrolment. We have a 24-hour right to cancel the certification program. Cancellation rules beyond this are:

Deregistration 12-6 months. before commencement: The entire semester fee is credited
Deregistration 3-6 months. before commencement: Half the semester fee is credited
Cancellation 0-3 months before commencement: The semester fee will not be credited

Yes! Norsk Psykologforening has approved the education with 96 hours maintenance activity in specialist education. If you take an individual course, each course approved with 16 hours is maintenance-active.

The courses are held on the premises of the Clinic for Psychological Treatment at Kongsvinger. You have to arrange accommodation yourself.

The guidance is given individually and/or in groups. Guidance is mainly given in relation to recordings you have made of your own therapies. Candidates must follow a minimum of four patients and have at least 25 therapy hours with each. One of the patients must have a personality disorder or deviant personality traits, and the others must be suitable for mode work.

There is a requirement for submission of two videos, where a written statement of the focus of the therapy and a problem should be submitted. Regular guidance on admission of the candidates' own therapies has shown good utility in strengthening his / her knowledge and skills as a therapist.

All supervisors in the certification program are specialists in clinical psychology. In addition, they have an advanced certification in form therapy.

The best way to further develop your therapeutic skills is through getting guidance, and the most effective guidance you get is when you show videos of your therapy sessions. The material must be from your ongoing practice where you use schema therapy in change work. You must use schema therapy with a minimum of four patients and have at least 25 therapy hours with each. One of the patients must have a personality disorder or deviant personality traits, and the others must be suitable for mode work.

Approved participation in the education program (attendance at all course sessions and 100% completion of supervision) and passing the video exam and case formulation is rewarded with international certification in schema therapy. You must be a member of ISST to be certified, and continuous membership in ISST is a prerequisite for maintaining your certification.

A standard certification means that you have the competence to practice schema therapy, participate in research projects and provide teaching or guidance to candidates who take the standard certification, provided that you receive guidance from a schema therapist with advanced certification. With standard certification, one does not have the opportunity to lead educational programmes, act as an examiner or offer guidance in particularly challenging and difficult patient cases. An advanced certification means that one has the competence to provide schema therapy within a wide range of mental disorders and interpersonal problems, participate in research projects as well as guide, teach and act as an examiner in schema therapy. The guidance is an important element of the study in addition to theoretical teaching and exercises. To become certified and to maintain your certification, you must be a member of The International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).

There is a requirement to be in a minimum of 50% clinical work during the education. The clinical practice is absolutely essential for learning the method.

Briefly on Schema Therapy

  • Transdiagnostic psychotherapy model
  • Evidence-based and integrative treatment method
  • Recent research shows that Schema Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of relationship problems, personality disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.


The program complies with the International Society of Schedule Therapy (ISST) certification standards to receive international certification in form therapy after graduation.

Approved by the Norwegian Psychology Association

Norsk Psykologforening has approved the education with 96 hours maintenance activity in specialist education,

Course 2023 - XNUM

The deadline for registration for the certification program is 15 January 2023. The deadline for registration for individual courses can be found in the course overview.

Introduction to Schema Therapy

Course holder: Erlend Aschehoug
Date: March 15-16, 2023
Course fee: 5 000, -
Registration deadline: 15.01.23

Casus formulation in Schema Therapy

Course holder: Erlend Aschehoug
Date: May 11-12, 2023
Course fee: 5 000, -
Registration deadline: 15.03.23

Empatic confrontation

Course instructor: Neele Reiss and Erlend Aschehoug
Date: 21. - 22. September 2023
Course fee: 5 000, -
Registration deadline: 01.09.23

Chair Work in Schema Therapy

Course instructor: Remco van der Wijngaart
Date: 23 - 24 November 2023
Course fee: NOK 5
Registration deadline: 20. September XNUM

Fine-tuning Imagery Rescripting

Course instructor: Remco van der Wijngaart
Date: 15 - 16 February 2024
Course fee: 5 000, -
Registration deadline: December 15, 2023

Forms of therapy for various forms of addiction - From Addiction to Connection

Course instructor: Truus Kerstin
Date: March 14 - 15, 2024
Course fee: 5 000, -
Registration deadline: 10.01.24

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