Self-knowledge and self-reflection as a method of form therapy

Trainer: Joan Farrell, Ida Shaw and Erlend Aschehoug

organizer: Norwegian Forum for Forensic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Cognitive Therapy

Location: Guesthouse Lovisenberg, Lovisenberggaten 15a, Oslo

Date: 12. - 14. June 2019

Course fee: 7 500, - (includes lunch all days)

Deadline: 20.05.19

Workshop details

Joan & Ida have facilitated self-therapy groups for over 30 years leading to their book Experiencing Schedule Therapy from the Inside Out. The workshop start with establishing safety and connection within the group and the agreement to keep confidential any personal material disclosed. Participants are encouraged to share as much or little content in the group as they feel comfortable with. De kan velge å fokusere på en bestemt skema eller mode problem som påvirker deres personlige eller professionelle liv eller gå til dagen for hvilken erfaring de har.

Just as they do with all groups, Joan and Ida assess the needs of the participants and plan the day's work in collaboration with participants based on the needs and modes present. Fokuset på seminaret er på eksperimenterende arbeid, herunder: oppgaver for å identifisere maladaptive copingmoduser utløst i gruppen, bevissthet om behovene til dine utsatte barn og selvomsorgsplaner, videre banering arbeid for Demanding eller Punitive Critic mode og evoking the Happy Child mode. Een belangrijk deel van training voor Schema Therapists is zelftherapie om te begrijpen hun eigen schema's en modi, de rol die zij spelen in het zijn een schema therapist en de impact van patiënten in triggering schema's en modi. Such self-awareness is critical to the genuine, open presence required by Schedule Therapy's limited repairing model. We think this is particularly important for therapists conducting group ST, as the impact of a number of clients at the same time can amplify therapists' reactions and just being in a group can have triggering effects related to one's family of origin.

Self-schematic therapy has personal benefits as well as self-awareness and healing for one's Vulnerable Child mode. Joan & Ida spent two years as members of a self-therapy for therapists in their training and consider that experience critical to their understanding of themselves, their reactions when participating in a group and what clients experience.

Participation in the workshop will add new interventions to use with clients and the deeper experience of ST from the "inside-out". De tror at det som lærer fra denne erfaringen kan ikke læres så effektivt didaktisk, om at alle. For that reason, self-therapy in a group is a requirement for ISST Group Schedule Therapy certification and this workshop meets that requirement. Det kan også være brukt til å oppfylle de tre tilsyns timer kreditt tillatt å oppfylle individuelle ST-certifikatovervåkingskrav. This day is suitable for therapists new to ST and for those who are experienced with it.

Approved by

Norsk Psykologforening has approved the education in form therapy as a compulsory program for the specialty in psychotherapy. The Norwegian Psychology Association approved this course as 16 hours maintenance-active. The course will be applied for as an optional specialist and postgraduate course of the Specialization Committee in Psychiatry and the Speciality Committee in General Medicine by the Norwegian Medical Association.


The education program is approved by the International Society of Schedule Therapy (ISST) as a counselor for international certification in form therapy.

Briefly on Schema Therapy

  • Transdiagnostic psychotherapy model
  • Evidence-based and integrative treatment method
  • Recent research shows that Schema Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of relationship problems, personality disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.

About the presenters

Joan Farrell, Ph.D. and Ida Shaw, MA are both advanced level International Society of Schedule Therapy (ISST) Certified Trainer / Supervisors in Individual and Group Schedule Therapy. Together they directly the Indianapolis
Center of Schedule Therapy Institute.

About the presents

Erlend Aschehoug is a specialist in clinical psychology. He is a certified Schedule Therapist in Individual ST & Group ST. He provides supervision and training in ST individual and group. He is working at the Clinic for Psychological Treatment with individuals and groups. He is also a supervisor in CBT.

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