Fine-tuning ImageryRescripting

Course holder: Remco van der Wijngaart

Organizer: Norwegian Forum for Forensic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Society for Cognitive Therapy

Place: Guesthouse Lovisenberg, Lovisenberggaten 15a, Oslo

Date: 19. - XNUM. November XNUM

Course fee: 5 000, - (includes lunch all days)

Registration deadline: 15. October 2020

Workshop details

Imagery rescripting is generally regarded as one
of the most effective techniques within schedule
therapy. Men det er ofte vanskeligt at anvende dette
technique. For example, therapists are regularly
faced with challenging situations in which, for
example, the client says' I have no memories of
my childhood 'or' I do not want to dredge up those
old memories, what would be the point of that? '.
Furthermore, patients have often been so
damaged by their childhoods that childhood
memories are very emotionally charged. To seed
result, therapists are inhibited from using imagery
to bring back images from that charged for
fear of decompensation. !

This 2-day workshop aims to make therapists
more proficient in applying imagery rescripting.
Bestaande vaardigheden zullen worden verfijnd en uitdagend
situations discussed and practiced. During the
workshop, use will be made or recently developed
teaching materials specifically focused on imagery
exercises and based on the most recent insights
and experiences of this method. Specialist fields of
Application will also be discussed, such as
imagery rescripting in flash-forwards and
nightmares. !

The workshop is aimed at therapists who are
Already working with Imagery with Rescripting and
who wish to increase their skills and the
effectiveness of this intervention.!

Målet er at denne dag skal være en
enjoyable, educational experience involving a lot
of practice within a secure atmosphere, in order to
enable the therapists to apply imagination
rescripting more often and more effectively. !

Approved by

Norsk Psykologforening has approved the education in form therapy as a compulsory program for the specialty in psychotherapy. The Norwegian Psychology Association approved this course as 16 hours maintenance-active. The course will be applied for as an optional specialist and postgraduate course of the Specialization Committee in Psychiatry and the Speciality Committee in General Medicine by the Norwegian Medical Association.


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Briefly on Schema Therapy

Transdiagnostic psychotherapy model
Evidence-based and integrative treatment method
Recent research shows that Schema Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of relationship problems, personality disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.

About the presents

Remco van der Wijngaart works as a psychotherapist in a private practice in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Remco specializes in borderline patients, patients with cluster C personality disorders as well as anxiety and depressive disorders.


The education program is approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) as a counselor for international certification in Schema Therapy. This course is mandatory to be certified.


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