Skills Therapy Training Part 2

Trainer: Poul Perris

organizer: Norwegian Forum for Forensic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Cognitive Therapy

Location: Psychology Treatment Clinic, Fjellgata 14, Kongsvinger

Date: Spring 2022 (date to come later)

Course fee: 5 000, - (includes lunch both days)

Deadline: 01. February 2022

Learning Objectives

Day 1

  • Review in whole group of homework from day 2 (to write a cross letter)
  • To read up his angry letter (parody)
  • To respond to childbirth - focus the vulnerable child (parody - see, couple)
  • The therapist's own schedules / modes in relation to the patient's vulnerable children's fashion (discussion)
  • Visualization - focus limited repetitive / standing up with own healthy adult (parody - see, couple)

Day 2

  • To help the patient establish cardiac contact (par exercise according to template)
  • Strengthening the patient's healthy adult mode outside the therapy room (establish flashcard)
  • To formulate a personal life vision (par-exercise according to the template)
  • To plan for a change in behavior in the life list (par-exercise according to the template)
  • To plan for the end of the therapy work (discussion)

More about the course

Schedule therapy is a transdiagnostic model for the treatment of relationship problems, complex symptoms and personality disorders. It originates in KBT, but also integrates theories and methodology from other therapy schools.

Here you have a greater understanding of the growth and what it has had for consequences for our behavior. Many develop strategies to avoid dealing with difficult emotional situations.

The course teaches a systematic application of central schematic therapeutic interventions to overcome dysfunctional coping (interpersonal change), achieve intrapsychic change (schemalinking), as well as change in dysfunctional life relationships ("life list"). The teaching is based on the participants working with their own schedules and modes in parades.

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Approved by

The Norwegian Psychological Association approved this course as a 16-hour maintenance activity. The course will be applied for approval as an optional specialist and continuing education course by the Specialty Committee in Psychiatry and by the Specialty Committee in General Medicine by the Norwegian Medical Association.

Briefly on Schema Therapy

  • Transdiagnostic psychotherapy model
  • Evidence-based and integrative treatment method
  • Recent research shows that Schema Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of relationship problems, personality disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.

About the lecturer

Poul Perris is a doctor, psychotherapist and supervisor, as well as principal of the Swedish Institute of Cognitive Psychotherapy, Stockholm. Poul Perris is educated in schema therapy at Dr. Jeffrey Young and is certified both as an individual and a par therapist.


The education program is approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) as a counselor for international certification in Schema Therapy. This course is mandatory to be certified.

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