Body-Focused Interventions in Schedule Therapy

Course Holders: Dr. Helen Startup & Janis Briedis

Organizer: Norwegian Forum for Forensic Therapy in collaboration with the Norwegian Society for Cognitive Therapy

Place: Guesthouse Lovisenberg, Lovisenberggaten 15a, Oslo

Date: 16. September - XNUM. September XNUM

Course fee: 7 500, - (includes lunch all days)

Registration deadline: 15. August 2020

Course details

This workshop presents the theory and experiential approach to integrating body-focused techniques to enhance schema therapy practice in a time-limited manner. These strategies are particularly useful for clients who present with complex needs and have historically of severe childhood neglect or trauma, and who have difficulties engaging with traditional schema therapy techniques. This interactive workshop is designed for schema therapists and those who have an interest in schema therapy ideas.

Topics covered at the workshop:

1. Understanding the role of the body in trauma - the neurobiology underpinning complex trauma and fragmentation of self

2. Barriers to working with the body both for the client and the therapist

3. Tracking the body to identify triggers and modes

4. Healing the child modes with body-oriented affect regulation resources

5. Enhancing imagery techniques with somatic focus

6. Strategies for working with anger

7. Somatic interventions for boundary setting and development of a sense of self

8. Helping clients develop an embodied healthy adult fashion

Approved by

Norsk Psykologforening has approved the education in form therapy as a compulsory program for the specialty in psychotherapy. The Norwegian Psychology Association approved this course as 16 hours maintenance-active. The course will be applied for as an optional specialist and postgraduate course of the Specialization Committee in Psychiatry and the Speciality Committee in General Medicine by the Norwegian Medical Association.

Briefly on Schema Therapy

Transdiagnostic psychotherapy model
Evidence-based and integrative treatment method
Recent research shows that Schema Therapy is very suitable for the treatment of relationship problems, personality disorders and complicated psychiatric conditions.

About the lecturer

Dr Helen Startup is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Senior Research Fellow with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. She oversees personality disorder research for the trust and is a founder and co-director of the Sussex Parenting Clinic which is a recently commissioned service set up to support the parenting needs of adults who are seeking help for their own mental health difficulties. Helen is an accredited CBT therapist and Scheme Therapy Supervisor and Trainer, and is passionate about improving outcomes for those with complex mental health needs. Janis Briedis is a Counseling Psychologist, Scheme Therapy Supervisor and Trainer working in private practice in London and having worked in a complex case service in the NHS for over a decade. He has completed a two-year program in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and is also a trained CBT, EMDR and compassion-focused therapist working with complex cases. Janis has taught Scheme Therapy, CBT, traumafocussed approaches and mindfulness in the NHS as well as in the academic setting, and is a visiting lecturer at a number of universities in the UK.


The education program is approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) as a counselor for international certification in Schema Therapy. This course is mandatory to be certified.


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