Reclaim Life

Psychological communication and media have developed the app Reclaim Life in collaboration with Artistic Trade. Gjenvinn Livet contains all the exercises in the group programs that the Clinic for Psychological Treatment arranges. In this way, those who participate in our groups and courses have all the exercises easily accessible. The app is useful for anyone who wants to further develop their abilities for relaxation, attentive presence, self-care and compassion.  Recycle Life also includes a self-help program for those who on their own are interested in understanding and becoming better acquainted with their emotional needs.

All people have a mental health, and unmet emotional needs often underlie when we are not feeling well. We usually only notice the consequences of our unmet needs, such as feelings of emptiness, drug addiction, depression, anxiety or low self-esteem.

It is extremely important to get to know their emotional needs, and to learn to meet the needs because feeling joy and vitality, feeling that life has colors or feeling close and belonging to other people - is so very connected with whether we get emotional needs satisfied in our relationships or not.

In form therapy, which is a therapy approach developed by the American psychologist Jeffrey Young, it is thought that unfulfilled emotional needs provide fertile ground for negative life patterns. By setting aside some time for yourself regularly for 8 weeks, you will be able to take the first steps to reverse a negative life pattern, and break out of an automated and habitual way of thinking and feeling that is destructive.

The self-help program contains theory, reflection exercises and practical exercises. The program is based on form therapy and positive psychology.

The app will be launched during the autumn of 2022.