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About treatment and psychotherapy

Going in therapy stimulates personal growth and development

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is aimed at getting you more and more to understand yourself individually. Through active listening conversations, you are invited to explore and put words on your own thoughts and feelings.

Therapy does well because it brings you in touch with your basic emotional needs despite the difficulty of recognizing how it is. Whatever your reason for seeking help, you should know that it is good to open up to someone you trust.

There is a strength in daring to move emotionally, reflect and express itself in a personal way.

For information we offer calls in combination with group lessons.

About treatment

There are many reasons to seek out psychologist. Sometimes there is a specific event or experience that you have difficulty understanding or cope with, and you need help processing and finding new ways to master. Other times, it's not a problem, but a combination of many sides of life and a more or less vague feeling that things are not good.

Therapy is not just about focusing on what is problematic, difficult and limiting in one's life. The resources and strengths of the individual also have their natural space.

Going in therapy can be challenging and demanding for the individual. It can be painful and unpleasant to relate to their problems and difficulties in a direct and honest way.

Client and therapist work together to create and maintain a contact and collaboration characterized by trust, openness and proximity. That way, a foundation and a base for the client are built to explore, investigate, know and be present in themselves.

Going in therapy stimulates personal growth and development.

How to get treatment

Here you can read about our intake procedures and get information about treatment.

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