Course in health care and lifestyle change

About the course

Do not you like the direction your life has taken? Do you want help with lifestyle change and coping with your own health?

This course is for those who are highly motivated to make lifestyle changes to best take care of your body and your health. The course can be useful for those who are suffering from stress, pain or have other physical and / or emotional ailments that bring about an experience of persistent stress.

Somatic health problems or illness often lead to psychological and social challenges.
That is why it is important to see the psyche and the soma in context - to see the whole person.

The course aims to strengthen your management resources.

During 10 weeks, we are committed to establishing new habits in areas that affect our health: physical activity, nutrition, relaxation and balance in life.
We work as much with what moves within us of thoughts and emotions. We also look at our social networking.

Practical information

Duration: 10 weeks, 3 hours each session
Number of participants: 10 participants
Time: The course runs in the spring.
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In order to participate, you must have a doctor's note.

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