Course in self-care and compassion

About the course

"How do you spell love?" Asked Nasse Nøff.
"You do not spell love, you feel it," replied Ole Brumm.

Courses in self-care and compassion are an in-depth course for either courses in mindful presence or courses in health mastery and lifestyle change.

In the course, we train our ability to empathize - both towards ourselves and others. Self-compassion means facing our own pain and discomfort with an accepting, warm and friendly attitude. When we have self-compassion, we help ourselves to see that discomfort and hurt feelings are a natural part of life, it is something that all people experience. We help ourselves to observe our feelings, with attention, and often also ask ourselves the question - what do we need, when life feels bad? (from Per - Einar Binder)

Compassion to other things about taking the others' perspective, connecting ties beyond. We humans have a great need for good relationships to know the satisfaction of their lives. By strengthening our ability to compassion to others, we also strengthen our quality of life and joy.

Mindfulness - Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) is a program developed by Frits Koster and Erik van den Brink. The program contains various exercises that are intended to strengthen your ability to empathize, both towards yourself and others.

Developing compassion can have far-reaching consequences for how the mind organizes itself, how we perceive ourselves and the world, and even for the most basic attributes of our self-image (Gilbert, 2011).

Practical information

Duration: 9 sessions of 3 hours
Number of participants: 10 participants
Time: January to March
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In order to participate, you must have a doctor's note.

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