Dr. Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. is the Founder of Schema Therapy. He is Director of the Schema Therapy Institute of New York, and is on the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Dr. Young received his doctorate degree from the UIniversity of Pennsylvania, and then served as Director of Research and Training with Aaron Beck at the Center for Cognitive Therapy.
Dr. Young has lectured on cognitive and schema therapies internationally for over 20 years. He is widely acclaimed for his outstanding teaching skills, and was awarded the prestigious NEEI Mental Health Educator of the Year award. He has published widely in the fields of both cognitive and schema therapies, including two major books: Schema Therapy: A Practitioner’s Guide, written for mental health professionals, and Reinventing Your Life, a popular self-help book based on schema therapy.
Lukas Nissen: Before studying psychology and becoming a psychotherapist, Lukas Nissen absolved an acting school with the main focus on mime, body language and dance. This first formation reveals Lukas Nissen’s interest in everything that has to do with expression of feelings, intentions and thoughts through the body, an element that recurs in the development oft he „sphere of emotional resonance“. Lukas Nissen works as a psychotherapist since almost 20 years, leads a curriculum for Schema Therapy in Basel, Switzerland and gives lectures and workshops in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland. Besides the treatment of patients, supervision and self-therapy of therapists is an important field of work for Lukas Nissen.
Poul Perris är leg läkare, psykoterapeut och handledare, samt rektor vid Svenska Institutet för Kognitiv Psykoterapi, Stockholm. Poul Perris är utbildad i schematerapi hos Dr. Jeffrey Young och är certifierad både som individual och par-terapeut.
Poul Perris är sedan många år en flitigt anlitad föreläsare med behandling av personlighetsrelaterade störningar, föräldraskap och par-terapi som sina specialområden. Han är ”Founding President” av ISST, den internationella schematerapiföreningen, samt Ordförande för den svenska KBT-föreningen, sfKBT.
2012 kunde man se Poul Perris som par-terapeut i SVT-serien ”Par i Terapi” och 2015 medverkade han i SVT-serien ”Nyfiken på Partiledaren” där han intervjuade Sveriges samtliga partiledare inför riksdagsvalet om deras personliga drivkrafter och värderingar.

Neele Reiss, PhD is a senior clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at the department of psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany and in private practice. She is the scientific director of the Institute of Psychotherapy in Mainz (ipsti-mz).
Neele Reiss’ clinical and research focus is the implementation and evaluation of intensive Schema Therapy programs for patients with Personality Disorders, in which individual and group schema therapies are combined. Another research focus is on specific techniques used in Schema Therapy such as imagery rescripting, chair techniques and empathic confrontation.

Friederike Vogel, MD is a senior psychiatrist and psychotherapist at the Vitos Clinic Rheingau, Germany and in private practice. She is the director of training and supervision of the Institute of Psychotherapy in Mainz (ipsti-mz).
Friederike Vogel’s clinical focus is currently the implementation an intensive Schema Therapy program for patients with Cluster B Personality Disorder and addiction, in which individual and group schema therapies are combined.

Dr. Marleen Rijkeboer is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Utrecht University, department of Clinical and Health Psychology. She has been trained by dr. Jeffrey Young in Schema Therapy, and works as a schema therapist/supervisor at an academic clinic. She is a researcher in schema therapy and has written several publications on schema related issues. She is a trainer of schema therapy, mostly in cooperation with drs. Hannie van Genderen. Finally, she is member of the board of the Dutch Schema Therapy Association, responsible for research and scientific issues, and member of the scientific committee of the International Society of Schema Therapy.

Dr. Scott Kellogg, Ph.D. received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center, and he is presently a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University. He was previously on the faculties of The Rockefeller University, the Yale University School of Medicine, and the Program in Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College/Columbia University.

Dr. Kellogg is the current President of the Division on Addictions of the New York State Psychological Association (2011, 2005, 2001) and a co-director of the Harm Reduction and Mental Health Project at New York University.

He has trained in both schema therapy and gestalt therapy, and he is currently a psychotherapist and a supervisor at the Schema Therapy Institute. Dr. Kellogg has created the Transformational Chairwork approach and is currently teaching this method of psychotherapeutic dialogue to practitioners in both the United States and Europe.

In his writings, he has looked at such topics as addiction treatment, identity theory, trauma and violence, contingency management, harm reduction, and assessment. Dr. Kellogg has also written on schema therapy, borderline personality disorder, and the integration of gestalt techniques in cognitive-behavioral treatment.

Joan Farrell, Ph.D. & Ida Shaw, MA. are advanced level Schema Therapists and Trainer/Supervisors who co-direct the Indianapolis Center of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest, a training, research and practice center, certified by the International Society Schema Therapy (ISST). The Indianapolis Center specializes in Group Schema therapy. Joan holds faculty appointments in Psychology at Purdue University (IUPUI) and the University of Indianapolis and was a clinical professor at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM), in Psychiatry for 25 years. She teaches graduate course on Schema therapy and supervises the practice of clinical psychology graduate students. She is the elected representative Executive Board Member for Training & Certification issues of the International Society for Schema Therapy. She is Research and Training director of the IUSM/Midtown CMHC Center for BPD Treatment & Research. Ida is a consultant of that center and a main clinical supervisor of Group Schema therapy.
In their work they have integrated their complementary cognitive and experiential treatment approaches with social learning and developmental psychology theory to develop a group treatment model for Schema Therapy (ST). Influenced by their 30+ years of clinical experience and by the work of Jeff Young, they adapted ST interventions and limited reparenting to a group model and developed uniquely group interventions to accomplish ST goals (Farrell & Shaw, 1994). They first established the group model for outpatients in a specialty clinic for BPD at the IUSM outpatient clinic. This program was awarded an Indiana Governor’s Showcase Award in Mental Health and a NIMH grant. They went on to develop an inpatient ST program that combines individual and group modalities and directed a dedicated BPD unit for ten years at a university affiliated psychiatric hospital in Indianapolis. They evaluated their model of Group Schema Therapy in a randomized controlled trial for outpatients (Farrell, Shaw & Webber, 2009- funded by NIMH)) and in two inpatient pilot study (Reiss, Lieb, Arntz, Shaw & Farrell, in press). Both studies demonstrated strong positive effects on BPD symptoms and global function as well as high recovery rates. Currently, they are the clinical trainers and treatment supervisors of a randomized controlled trial with 14 sites in five countries that will further test their model of Group ST. Joan is co-PI for the multi-site study with Arnoud Arntz, Ph.D. Also with Arntz, Reiss and Fretwell, they are further evaluating the intensive GST model in Day Hospital and inpatient settings.

Pierre Cousineau, Ph.D. is an experienced psychotherapist – 35 years as a clinical psychologist in private practice (actual) and mental health centers (20 years).
In the last 20 years, he gave conferences and workshops in Canada and in other French speaking countries (Europa, Africa). He is also supervising many psychotherapists. His preferences have always been for integrative approach. He is a certified Schema therapist, but has integrated Mindfulness and ACT strategies to schema work. He presented twice on this subject in ISST international Meetings.
He has published papers (mainly in French) and is an associate author of a textbook on CBT. He has translated and supervised translations of questionnaires and books on Schema Therapy and ACT.

Drs. Hannie van Gendern is employed at the Mental Health center in Maastricht. She is trained in Schema Therapy by dr. Jeffrey Young since 1995. She closely collaborates with prof. A. Arntz of the Maastricht University, with whom she has written the book 'Schema Therapy for the Boderline Personality Disorder' (Wiley, 2009). She is a trainer and supervisor in schema therapy in the Netherlands since 2000. She is chair of of the board of the Dutch Schema Therapy Association.
Marit Olsen arbeider som psykolog på sørlandet. Utdannet ved universitetet i Oslo. Har gjennomført to årig utdanning i kognitiv terapi ved Norsk forening for kognitiv terapi. Sertifisert skjematerapeut siden 2009. Arbeider med personlighetsforstyrrelser individuelt og i gruppeterapi.
Erlend Aschehoug er leder av Norsk forum for skjematerapi. Spesialist i klinisk psykologi siden 2007. Han er sertifisert skjematerapeut, og har undervist i skjematerapi både i Norge og i utlandet. Veileder i kognitiv atferdsterapi og skjematerapi. Han er medlem av Evaluation of Supervision and Training committee of the ISST.
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